Delta Gymnastics Society

Delta Gymnastics Society is one of Canada’s top gymnastics clubs and we believe that it’s due to the way we treat each of our gymnasts, at every level.  At DGS, we don’t just build athletes, we build people.

                            “Where kids are first” is more than our motto, it’s how we operate.

It’s the foundation behind every choice we make, from which programs to offer, to how we coach and train, to our large community outreach program and presence in schools. Our goal is to give children a lifelong passion for physical activity and to empower them to become successful people – and we do it through gymnastics.

Something For Everyone!


Looking for a safe place for your children to have fun and burn some energy or an exciting option for a school field trip? We offer a wide range of programs for kids, school groups and sports teams of all ages. Try one of our day camps, enroll with friends or make new ones. Campers will enjoy exciting and skill-appropriate coach-led gymnastics along with special outings and crafts. No gymnastics experience is needed to attend.

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Gymnasts of all ages have fun learning how to move with confidence and competence! From our youngest participants, who are climbing and jumping to our older ones, who are turning cartwheels, everyone is learning the fundamental movement and sports skills that are at the core of all other sports.

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Our Advanced Program offers a range of teams for kids from 4 to 18 years old who are interested in acquiring advanced gymnastics skills. While these teams still have a strong element of fun, the program requires a greater time commitment and more focus from the athletes.
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