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5th Anniversary at the Delta Sport Development Centre


We are so proud and grateful to all those who supported the dream of expanding our gym to a new dedicated facility.  On May 28, 2016 we celebrate 5 years of opening our operations at the 20,000 sq ft Delta Sport Development Centre, home of the Delta Gymnastics Society (DGS).  We want to share with you the journey that took us here, to this beautiful Silver LEED facility that our community loves and enjoys daily!

Once Kari Cullen’s gymnastics program was born back in the summer of 1975 as a means to a summer job, it took off to the community like a wildfire.  It wasn’t until 1993 that finally DGS had an actual home at the South Delta Rec Centre and, soon after, talk about expanding started.  However, a devastating fire in 2002 put those plans on hold.  But by 2008 a renewed effort began and by 2009 DGS started conversations with the Corporation of Delta to expand the facility.  The journey took an unexpected twist when our current location was deemed more appropriate than an expansion at the old facility. After raising 3.3 Million Dollars through the Kids 1st Campaign, the dream became a reality.

Since 2011, we have doubled our budget and tripled our registration and programming.  We operate 7 days a week and offer programs to serve our entire community, from babies to adults, as well as outreach programs in schools and events.  Our goal is to ignite the passion for sport and physical activity from an early age and to provide physical literacy as part of the growth and development of all children.

We are also stewards of this facility and we take great pride in maintaining and improving it for our current and future participants.  Through continued fundraising, we have been able to complete many projects while keeping our registration fees affordable.

We thank you for being part of the DGS family!

Download our PDF 5th Anniversary Newsletter


If you are fairly new to our Delta Gymnastics community, you probably only know this building as the home of Delta Gymnastics.  We are so lucky to have the best gymnastics facility in the province and one of the top facilities in the country!  We can't take this for granted as it took years of hard work, lots of fundraising and a huge set back that at the time seem insurmountable...  

Here is a quick summary:

  • 1975 - Kari Cullen Launches Delta Gymnastics as a summer recreation program.
  • 1993 - Delta Gymnastics expands to the South Delta Recreation Centre
  • 2002 - Devastating fire destroys the Tsawwassen location; gym reopens 8 months after the fire.  All the money raised has to be                  used to replace all lost equipment.
  • 2008 - Delta Gymnastics named top gym club in the nation.
  • 2009 - Kids 1st Campaign for expanded facility begins with the goal to raise 3.3 million dollars.
  • May 28, 2011 - The new Delta Gymnastics opens at the Delta Sport Development Centre

  • 2013 - Delta Gymnastics adds a lift through a matching grant and becomes a fully accessible facility.
  • 2014 - Our viewing gallery was not going to be included in the original construction; however thanks to the support of Humphries                Construction and Westshore Terminals, we were able to include it in the plans and pay it off by February (cost $75,000!!).
  • 2015 - Delta Gymnastics Society celebrates its 40th anniversary!
  • 2016 - 5th Anniversary of Delta Gymnastics at the Delta Sport Development Centre
Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 6.33.48 PM.png

sharing the passion for sport

Our Vision is to be recognized in Delta as a leader promoting lifelong participation in physical activity. Our Mission is to enable people to have the confidence and competence to live active, healthy lifestyles by participating in gymnastics activities and sport.

We offer a wide range or programs for all ages and abilities.

Our Developmental Programs (Active Start, Fundamental and Specialty) allow participants to acquire progressive fundamental movement skills through participation in gymnastics activities either on a sessional or monthly (Team) program.  We have close to 2,500 members registered in these programs.


Our Community Programs (Drop In, Birthday parties, community events, kids & teens night out, outreach programs, cross training, day camps, kids can move and field trips) introduce individuals to fundamental movement skills through active play that provides the tools for ongoing physical activity.  Our Outreach Programs increase the exposure and awareness to the value of participating in active play through gymnastics activities.  Over 8,000 users visit the facility per year to participate in these programs.

Our Advanced Programs (Gymstars, Superstars, Girls & Boys Competitive, High School Competitive) allow our athletes to achieve performance excellence in the sport of gymnastics and at gymnastics events in a supportive, athlete-centered environment. We have close to 250 athletes participating in these programs.

Our Active For Life Programs (Adult) cater to our adult community, with adult drop in, fundamental gymnastics, and conditioning programs.  Over 200 users over the age of 18 train at our facility.


Delta Gymnastics Society has a long term lease with the Corporation of Delta to operate out of the Delta Sport Development Centre. The first 25 years of rent were paid off through our Kids1st Capital Campaign and all the generations of parents that supported our fundraising efforts as we planned for the expansion of a new facility. As stewards of this amazing facility, we take this role very seriously and want to keep improving it.

To keep our program fees as accessible as possible to our community and to be able to maintain the needs of the facility, we organize three main fundraisers every year will proceeds directed to our non-operating budget: the Chocolate Drive, Operation Red Nose and Delta Invitational.

Funds in our non-operating budget are directed to:

  • Facility improvements
  • Gymnastics equipment
  • Electronics and office equipment
  • Special projects

All of our operational expenses, including all salaries, are paid through our program fees. We are self-sustaining, fiscally responsible society working under the guidance of a Government Policy Board of Directors.

Some of our current completed improvements include:

  • Purchased and replaced a new competitive floor.
  • Added zero-waste bins, our hall of fame unit, and completed the floors in the stairs and the viewing gallery.
  • Added gym wall reinforcements,purchased new trampoline beds and replaced the padded wall coverings in the trampoline area.
  • Added new cubbies and storage in the lobby.
  • Added a staff bathroom.
  • Finished equipping the Ledingham Room (multi-purpose) with mirrors, ballet bars, carpet rolls and storage cabinets.
  • Retrofitted the change rooms with small toilets, lowered sinks and urinal and added hand dryers.
  • Introduced the Delta Gymnastics Playbox - the first of its kind in Delta to allow play time outside of the facility.
  • Extended the climbing wall.
  • Annual foam cube replacement.
  • New front desk, boutique counter, TV in the lobby and security cameras.
  • New photocopier/printer/scanner for the office and replacement of computers.
  • Lots and lots of new equipment...