About DGS: Where Kids Are First

Delta Gymnastics Society is one of Canada’s top gymnastics clubs and we believe that it’s due to the way we treat each of our gymnasts, at every level.  At DGS, we don’t just build athletes, we build people.

 “Where kids are first” is more than our motto, it’s how we operate. It’s the foundation behind every choice we make, from which programs to offer, to how we coach and train, to our large community outreach program and presence in schools. Our goal is to give children a lifelong passion for physical activity and to empower them to become successful people – and we do it through gymnastics.


  • We teach in a fun, positive environment that respects each child’s individual progress, whether they’re training to win, or training to have fun. We look for each child’s strengths and how to build on them. We challenge and reward, empowering our athletes with success and the confidence that accompanies it. We teach accountability, discipline and respect, both by modeling and expecting it. It’s a culture of support for personal excellence that takes time and thought, and we’ve been doing it since 1975!

  • We have fantastic, highly qualified coaches. All of our coaches are certified, most have been competitive gymnasts themselves, and some have coached National Champions. They constantly upgrade their skills and have a technical team devoted to researching and applying “Best Practices” in our gym.

  • We have a great facility. We have 15,000 square feet of equipment in a new facility that we keep scrupulously clean. From the fun of the foam pits to the challenge of our Olympic-rated equipment, our gym has everything you need to train or just keep fit.

We offer a huge range of high-quality programs. Our commitment to “gymnastics for everyone” is a big part of our success – we have more than 2,000 members and growing. From 6 months to 80+ years old, recreational or competitive, you can be part of one of our programs.

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