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Adult 18+ yrs

ADULT GYMNASTICS: 18 yrs and up

Gymnastics isn’t just for kids.  It’s a lifelong way to stay strong, flexible and have fun – just ask our gym full of adults who come out to learn gymnastics for the first time, practice old skills, or turn their acrobatic skills into tricks, stunts and parkour moves!

Whether you join a class because you never had a chance to try gymnastics as a kid, or because you want to get in shape, rest assured that the atmosphere during Adult Gym is warm and welcoming with lots of laughter and teamwork – no matter what your level. We are never too old to increase our physical literacy.

When do I register?

  • Classes run in sessions: fall, winter, spring and summer.

  • Registration for fall, winter and spring sessions begins in July and is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Registration dates for our summer programs will be posted on our website in the spring.

Please check our gym schedule for Drop in times.

How do I register? You can register online, in person, or by phone.

Adult Challenge Gymnastics

Never had a chance to try gymnastics as a kid? Want to revive some old skills or get in shape? This class will build your gymnastic ability in a safe, progressive way, teaching you how to land properly, balance and support yourself, and increase your strength. You’ll get to try out all the equipment and by the end of the session you could be turning cartwheels like a pro! Join with a friend, or make it a date night!

Who is this class for? Anyone who has a secret desire to bounce on a trampoline again: beginners with no experience, former gymnasts with rusty skills, and anyone who wants to get in shape, improve their balance, flexibility and coordination.

Class info: 1 hour, once a week.

Sweat and Strength Class

Want to get in shape the way some of the world’s best athletes do? Come out and train in this cutting-edge, integrated strength class!  Train the weak links in your body – the emphasis is on technique and core strength. You’ll look, move and feel better in no time!

Who is this class for? Anyone who wants to improve their strength or cross-train for other sports, no previous experience or skills required.

Class info: You can drop in and join this class by paying a drop-in fee of $10 each time you attend. Class runs once a week for 45 minutes.

Important insurance information: All people attending drop-in must be DGS members, no exceptions.

If you have registered in one of our programs this year, you’re already a member. If not, you must purchase an annual $35 DGS membership($42 in Fall 2019) on your first visit and sign the waiver on the back of the form.  Membership is valid from the point of purchase until August 31st of each year. To learn more about this policy, please visit our FAQS page.

Adult Drop in

Please visit our Drop In page to learn about our drop-in program for adults 18 yrs and up.