Code of Conduct

Delta Gymnastics Society (DGS), which includes staff, parents and gymnasts, has the responsibility to provide a safe and positive environment for learning the sport and activity of gymnastics.

This Code of Conduct provides a framework for behavioral expectations from athletes and a clear understanding of our Society’s underlying principles of respect, effort and attitude.

Expectations For Gymnasts

Gymnasts are not to be in the gym, or on the equipment without supervision.

The DGS Standard For Behaviour Is

Be polite and respectful of others, listen, pay attention, have a good work ethic, and share.

RESPECT yourself, all coaches and fellow gymnasts, the equipment and facility (including the change rooms) and gym rules. The equipment and facility must be used in a safe manner. Take ownership of your surroundings.  Help us to keep it clean and tidy. There is no food or drinks allowed in the gym – all snacks must be taken in the change rooms or the lobby.

Your best EFFORT is required at all times, not only in the gym but in other aspects of your life that are connected with gymnastics.

A positive ATTITUDE towards your training is the only one to have. Sportsmanship and fairness are to be demonstrated and practiced at all times.  Be helpful and encouraging to your teammates and coaches.

Examples Of Unacceptable Behaviour Include:

  • Interference with the learning of others.
  • Rudeness, disobedience, pouting/whining, tantrums.
  • Pushing, talking back, fighting, negative self-talk, and a lack of actively engaged participation.
  • Threatening, harassing, or intimidating behaviours of any person within the gym community.
  • Use of inappropriate or abusive language.
  • Theft or damage to the property.
  • Acts of retribution


When determining consequences, consideration is given to the maturity as well as the intellectual, social and emotional capacity of the gymnast along with the severity and frequency of the misbehaviour.  Consequences will:

  • Be thoughtful, consistent and fair.
  • Seek to prevent a recurrence of the offence.
  • Teach acceptable social behaviour rather than being merely punitive.

Any time a disciplinary action occurs, the gymnast will be expected to apologize to the coach and those affected, before returning to the group.

Expectations For Parents And Guardians

Gymnasts are not to be in the gym, or on the equipment without supervision.