Delta Gymnastics Society strives to be a dynamic organization that is constantly looking for ways to engage and delight both members and our community at large. Our many events are well planned and attended; attention to detail is a must. We would not be able to hold the many successful events that we do without our business community’s generosity and it is your support that allows us to continue to give the gift of physical literacy. By partnering with Delta Gymnastics Society and sponsoring one of our events you are assured an effective means of branding your business

Annual Sponsorship

Attaching your brand to Delta Gymnastics Society will support the health and well being of our community’s youth. You will be reaching over 20,000 people who visit our facility annually with banner placement in our foyer, monthly newsletter logo recognition and prominent branding in one of our most popular events: Delta Invitational, Trivia Night, Chocolate Drive or The Showdown.

Thank you to our Annual Sponsor: Zdenka Gomes of Odlum Brown


Individual Events

  • Chocolate Drive (October)

    Our 3000 members participate in our annual Purdy’s Chocolate Fundraiser that involves both children and their families.

  • The Showdown (October or November)

    This fantastic team building event includes over 100 adults from companies as diverse as hotels and restaurants, to police and fire departments. All come together for friendly competition in our 15,000-square foot facility.

  • High School Meets (January – February)

    Over 100 high school athletes come together at our facility along with their families and closest friends. In its 8th year, our high school invitationals provide an tremendous opportunity for high school aged kids to compete in a fun and supportive environment.

  • Spring Fever (March)

    Is our annual meet for children ages 6 to 13 years in the Interclub levels welcoming clubs from all over the lower mainland. It’s a great opportunity for kids to show off their awesome skills in front of their peers, coaches judges and families.

  • Trivia Night (March or April)

    is an annual fundraiser with an emphasis on “fun”. DGS parents and the community are invited to come prepared to put their pop culture knowledge to the test. It’s an interactive night full of games and activities.

  • Delta Invitational (May)

    Our goal hosting the Delta Invitational and Cash & Carry Cup, is to expose our youth to a wide range of opportunities, skills and abilities that are accessible through the sport of gymnastics. Participants are aged 6 to 20 years come from all over BC, Alberta and the Yukon to attend this great 3-day event which includes over 1400 athletes plus their coaches, judges and families.

Sponsor The Playbox

Outside of our facility we keep a large Play Box that provides play opportunities for children including toys and activities. These much-loved toys are in constant need of replenishment.

We will brand the play box for your business and make sure that new toys are added for our kids.

If you're interested in or would like more information on Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact the office at 604-943-0460 or email