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Drop In

At DGS, we believe in making the sport of gymnastics – and physical activity in general – available to as many people as possible. Come check us out during Drop in – we’ve got bars, beams, rings, ropes, trampolines, a foam pit, climbing wall and more!

Who is this program for? If you want to get together with friends and burn off some energy, or practice the skills you’re learning in a class, Drop in is for you! We have sessions for kids and adults.

Sessions are supervised, but not coached. Participants are expected to use the equipment in a safe and responsible manner, and show respect for other gymnasts.

Important insurance information: All people attending Drop in must be DGS members, no exceptions.

If you have registered in one of our programs this year, you’re already a member. If not, you must purchase an annual $35 DGS membership on your first visit and sign the waiver on the back of the form.  Membership is valid from the point of purchase until August 31st of each year. To learn more about this policy, please visit our FAQS page.

kids’ Drop in (18 mos* to 12 yrs)

Join us for fun indoor play during the day!  Explore the gym and all of its equipment, including the foam pit and trampoline. Kids have a blast while burning off a ton of energy.

Daytime DROP IN:


*Our recommended start age for Drop-In is 18 months. However, if your child is under 18 months and you want them to participate(walking or crawling in the gym), you will need to pay for them and they will need their GBC insurance also.*


Class info:

  • Parent participation is required for all children. For children younger than 6 years old parent must remain at arms' length at all times. For children older than 6 a parent must remain within vision of their children.

  • No Kids' Drop-in on Stat Holidays, Christmas Break, and Spring Break.

  • Space is limited.

Cost: Purchase a $55 punch pass for 12 visits, or pay $5 per visit. 


ADULT drop in (18 yrs and up)

Gymnastics isn’t just for kids.  It’s a lifelong way to stay strong, flexible and have fun – just ask our gym full of adults who come out to practice their beginner skills, work on specialties such as martial arts and cheerleading, or turn their acrobatic skills into tricks, stunts and parkour moves!

Adult Gym is a mixed bag of skill levels and interests, but the one thing we all have in common is a strong sense of community and a willingness to help each other. It’s a warm and welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere that supports athletes of all levels – from former gymnasts practicing their skills, to stunt people practicing their choreography, to beginners, well, just practicing!

Sunday   8:30pM - 11:00pm
Tuesday 8:30pm - 11:00pm

Cost: Purchase a $108 punch pass for 10 visits, or pay $12 per visit.


Daytime Drop in
 Richard Woo



ADULT Drop in
 Chris Sheremeta