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Empowering Steps


A Motor Intervention Program for Children and Youth Living with NeuroDevelopmental Disabilities.

The Empowering Steps Movement Therapy Program (ESMT) is an innovative, gymnastics motor intervention program for children and youth living with neurodevelopmental disabilities, says Vivien Symington, the developer of the program in Coquitlam who is now partnering with Delta Gymnastics.

The Empowering Steps Movement Therapy Program (ESMT) is a 1:1 motor intervention program that focuses on function rather than diagnosis, treating children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. ESMT promotes physical literacy and self efficacy by providing an emotionally safe and nurturing environment.

Treating all diagnoses such as, but not limited to, ASD, FASD, CP, GDD, Down Syndrome, and children who are unable to walk.

How it Works:

  • Children are first assessed on their current motor skills and then placed in one of our 10 stages of motor development

  • Equipment such as balance beams, trampolines, trapezes and bars are used to teach a variety of skills promoting balance, coordination, and strength which becomes a greater need, as a child progresses through the stages

  • We develop behaviour plans and communication styles specific to each child’s needs

  • Reassessments take place biannually to monitor physical, emotional, and social development. At that time, any necessary curriculum adjustments are made

Empowering Steps BEHAVIORAL Intervention also available

30min, 45min, and 60min classes available between:

Sundays 9:00am-12:00pm
12:30pm-1:15pm and 2:15pm-5:30pm

at Delta Gymnastics after assessment has been conducted

To schedule an assessment:

Phone: 604-544-1201