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Interclub Program

Ages 6 to 13

Interclub provides a training framework and offers opportunities for athletes to attend sanctioned events, at which they perform gymnastics routines to showcase personal ability.

Designed for all levels of recreational gymnasts, Interclub does not require a minimum or maximum skill level to participate. The program is performance-centered and focuses on the opportunity for gymnasts to perform and take pride in personal athletic achievement. Artistic movement is encouraged and there are no skill restrictions, provided that the skills are being taught in a safe, progressive manner by a qualified coach. Athletes and coaches have creative license in routine development and performances.

Who is this program for? Kids who are interested in learning advanced gymnastics skills, competing, and who have been invited to join due to their skills, work ethic and commitment.


Entry into our Interclub Programs is by invitation or assessment only. Assessment camps are held in the spring and summer.  The camps give you a look at the skills and conditioning required to participate in our Interclub Programs, and give coaches an opportunity to assess your abilities. At the conclusion of the camp, you will receive a report advising which program is the best fit for you.

Participation in an assessment camp is subject to a fee and does not guarantee a spot in the program. Please contact the office or view online to see when the next assessment camp is scheduled. 

Within the Interclub Program, we offer: