Vision Mission & Values

Gymnastics isn’t just for kids.  It’s a lifelong way to stay strong, flexible and have fun – just ask our gym full of adults who come out to learn gymnastics for the first time, practice old skills, or turn their acrobatic skills into tricks, stunts and parkour moves!

Whether you join a class because you never had a chance to try gymnastics as a kid, or because you want to get in shape, rest assured that the atmosphere during Adult Gym is warm and welcoming with lots of laughter and teamwork – no matter what your level. We are never too old to increase our physical literacy.


The vision of Delta Gymnastics Society (DGS) is to be recognized in Delta as a leader promoting lifelong participation in physical activity.


DGS mission is to enable people to have the confidence and competence to live active, healthy lifestyles by participating in gymnastics activities and sport.


Our Society is:

  • Proud of the achievements of our members and the Society
  • Innovative, continuously seeking ways to improve the quality and appeal of what we do
  • Dedicated to continuous learning and development
  • An advocate for physical literacy in Delta
  • Committed to building a safe, healthy and sustainable community
  • Transparent in all our operations
  • Fiscally responsible and compliant with applicable regulations and agreements

When interacting with target audiences and the public we are:

  • Respectful of all members, participants and stakeholders
  • Collaborative and engaged with other organizations that share similar goals

Our programs and services strive to be:

  • Accessible to participants of all ages and abilities
  • Inclusive so that all levels of participants can be accommodated
  • Participant-Centred to meet the individual needs of each participant
  • Fun so that participants have a positive experience