Parent Participation Program

Gymnastics isn’t just for kids.  It’s a lifelong way to stay strong, flexible and have fun – just ask our gym full of adults who come out to learn gymnastics for the first time, practice old skills, or turn their acrobatic skills into tricks, stunts and parkour moves!

Whether you join a class because you never had a chance to try gymnastics as a kid, or because you want to get in shape, rest assured that the atmosphere during Adult Gym is warm and welcoming with lots of laughter and teamwork – no matter what your level. We are never too old to increase our physical literacy.

Everyone Is Welcome To Help.

All of our non‐coaching activities are supported by our community of family members. We believe that your involvement has a positive effect on your child’s passion for their sport, while building a strong family network within our organization.

Who Must Participate In The Program?

Parent Participation is mandatory for the families in our 10-month advanced programs, who use our gym the most, but no matter what program your child is in, we welcome your help and expertise.

We calculate your participation requirements based on the training tier (D-E-L-T-A) for our Competitive Teams or the basic participation requirements for the other advanced programs and we combine all the participating gymnasts in your family. You can contribute by:

  • Participating in supporting events, which involves your time and effort, and/or
  • Opting out and paying Parent Participation fees
Why We Do This Program

Additional Participation Options

Additional participation involves ways families can contribute to the growth, maintenance and improvement of our facility, equipment, operations, and events.
  • Chocolate Distribution Helpers (Sep & Oct):

    Assist with signing our chocolate and helping us promote this fundraiser to club members

  • High School Invitational (Jan):

    Assist with set-up/take down, timers and score recorders.

  • Trivia Night (Mar):

    Assist with set up, take down, raffles, registration, concession.

  • Medal Sewing:

    Help sew medals for Spring Fever and Delta Invitational

  • Lost and Found:

    Monthly display of items, wash and donate unclaimed items.

  • Delta Invitational Gift Helpers

    As required, help assemble the giveaways for Delta Invitational.

  • The Showdown(formerly Sport Showdown) Helpers (Oct):

    Assist with registration, stations, food and clean up of the event.

  • Spring Fever Helpers (Mar):

    Helpers to work closely with Superstar Coordinator to assist with set up and take down, announcing, hospitality, timers, score recorders and welcome/registration.

  • Foam Pit Clean ups (twice annually):

    Assist with clean-up of the three foam pits. Children can assist but hours only awarded to adults.

  • Medal/Ribbon Inventory Counts (annually):

    Organize medals and ribbons prior to Spring Fever and Delta Invitational

  • Gym Special Projects:

    Help with painting walls, chair washing, drywall repairs, equipment set up and other duties as planned

  • Toys/Books Clean up (End of each session):

    Wash all toys and clean books/discard or repair damaged ones.

If Parents Cannot Do Additional Participation, They Have Two Options:

  • Opt out - Refer to amount on chart
  • Support our fundraisers
    a) Sponsor our events such as the Delta Invitational and Spring Fever

Delta Invitational And Spring Fever Committee Work

NOTE: being in charge of these committee positions is equivalent to ALL parent participation requirements for the year; Chocolate Drive requirements still apply.  Interested parents must apply for these positions.

  • Awards:

    Coordinate all awards presentations for all sessions - coordinate with MC and Medal presenter. Prep work includes ensuring inventory of medals and ribbons are sufficient for the event. Position can be shared.

  • Volunteer Coordinators:

    Oversee all volunteers and helpers for all sessions - train volunteers as needed. Position can be shared.

  • Hospitality:

    Plan and coordinate all menus, meals and food orders for hospitality room. Ensure area has proper support all weekend long. Position can be shared.

  • First Aid:

    Provide first aid care during the events and support in equipment changes as needed. Position can be shared.

  • Delta Invitational Gift Helpers

    As required, help assemble the giveaways for Delta Invitational.

If you have any ideas on how you could help make the Delta Gymnastics Society a better place, or you have specific skills you would like to share with us, please let us know by email at:

Click below for all currently available positions. Positions will open up closer to the event date or when needed.

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