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Parent Participation Program

Parent Participation Program


Our Parent Participation Program is your opportunity to help Delta Gymnastics achieve excellence.  When you give back to the club, you help us achieve more, reach our goals, and keep our fees affordable.  

Everyone is welcome to help. All of our non‐coaching activities are supported by our community of family members. We believe that your involvement has a positive effect on your child’s passion for their sport, while building a strong family network within our organization.

Who must participate in the program? Parent Participation is mandatory for the families in the programs who use our gym most, the Superstars and Competitive programs, but no matter what program your child is in, we welcome your help and expertise.

We calculate your participation requirements based on the training tier (D-E-L-T-A) for our Competitive Teams or the basic participation requirements for the Superstar Program and we combine all the participating gymnasts in your family. You can contribute by:

  • Participating in supporting events, which involves your time and effort, and/or

  • Opting out and paying Parent Participation fees



Why do we do this program? Delta Gymnastics is a not-for-profit society that is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors.  There is a priority to keep training fees as low as possible and for the past 25 years, the society has maintained two budgets: an Operating Budget and a Non Operating Budget.

The Operating Budget receives revenues from training fees plus some grants and staff initiatives that generate revenues (Sport Showdown, Boutique, Spring Fever, etc.).  The expenditures are utilized to cover staffing expenses (around 90%) and general operating expenses (credit card fees, utilities, supplies, etc.)  We have a revenue neutral goal, meaning all revenues are spent in a balanced way. 

To keep our programs as affordable as possible, we offer our Advanced Programs (Competitive and Superstar) a discount on training fees. To offset our Advanced Program discounts, the expectation is that parents participate in fundraising initiatives that can contribute to the Non Operating Budget.

The Non Operating Budget  receives revenue from three main initiatives: Chocolate Drive ($10,000), Operation Red Nose ($30,000) and Delta Invitational ($50,000).  The funds from these initiatives allow the gym to utilize this revenue for the following expenditures that do not have to come from training fees:

  • Equipment purchases

  • Facility improvements

  • Electronic and Office Equipment

  • Elite Program Fund (in support of the WAG and MAG programs)

  • Scholarships

  • Special Projects

Consider how you can help. There are many simple ways to meet the participation requirements. Please take the time to consider where you and your family can best contribute. We need your valuable time to make our events successful, and to maintain our wonderful facility.

As an added bonus, when you participate, you’ll get to know other families and learn more about the sport!

How do I sign up? We list opportunities to participate in the SignUp Genius page. Sign up is on a first-come, first-served basis. New opportunities to help are posted regularly.

Remember to record your participation hours. Although we remind everyone to record their participation hours throughout the year, parents are responsible for recording all hours as they are completed in the Parent Participation Binder in the main office. 

Please note that once your participation requirement has been reached, we would still like to know if you put in any additional hours. This helps us with our annual application for BC Gaming funds.

We must demonstrate to the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch that we have active volunteers.  The application for gaming funds requires comprehensive accounting for volunteer activities and the associated hours. This list is translated into dollars or, how much we would have to pay to replace those volunteer activities.  More hours could affect the amount of funding we receive. This grant helps us keep our fees as low as possible.

How are the participation requirements calculated? Your participation requirements depend on your combined family training hours (total training hours for all of your children in the Competitive and Superstar programs). 

Refer to the table below for details.  Please note that your participation is the most important thing you can give these events cannot happen without help! Operation Red Nose, for example, cannot operate without driving teams, and the Delta Invitational cannot take place without helpers in place at the event.

ORN Committee Work

NOTE: being in charge of these committee positions is equivalent to ALL parent participation requirements for the year; Chocolate Drive requirements still apply. Interested parents must apply for these positions.

Head Dispatching Recruit and train key volunteers to be in charge of dispatching each night.  Head Dispatcher is one position but can recruit 2 additional dispatchers to help cover all 9 nights (3 nights each).  Approximate time 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Responsibility to close the building.

Sponsorship (including Pubs and Restaurants) Visiting sponsors in Delta and Richmond to secure sponsorships and help with campaign promotion (many repeat sponsors and add new ones).  Approximate hours required are 25 to 30 to dedicate to sponsorship.

Delta Invitational Committee Work

NOTE: being in charge of these committee positions is equivalent to ALL parent participation requirements for the year; Chocolate Drive requirements still apply.  Interested parents must apply for these positions.

Awards Coordinate all awards presentations for all sessions - coordinate with MC and Medal presenter.  Prep work includes keeping an inventory on medals and how many need to be prepared. Position can be shared.

Minor Officials Coordinate all scorers and timers for all sessions - prepare judges tables and train volunteers as needed.  Coordinate with floor marshall to ensure all spots are covered. Position can be shared.

Hospitality Plan and coordinate all menus, meals and food orders for hospitality room.  Ensure area has proper support all weekend long. Position can be shared.

Additional Participation Options

Chocolate Distribution Helpers (Sep & Oct) Assist with signing our chocolate and helping us promote this fundraiser to club members

Sport Showdown Helpers (Saturday Oct 13) Assist with registration, stations, food and clean up of the event.

ORN Volunteer Training Coordinator Introducing potential volunteers to the campaign during Info Night (evening in November) and each night do the training session from about 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Can be a team of 2 people to share 10 nights total.

ORN Volunteer Food Each Night Coordinate food to be provided by sponsor supermarket; ensure food is brought each night except New Year's Eve and set up in the kitchen.  Can be a team of 2 people to share over 8 nights.

ORN Greeters Set up lobby with volunteer vests, gifts, binders, cell phones, etc. each night and sign up the teams as they arrive.  Help re-organizing teams if not all volunteers arrive.  Can be a team of 2 people to share 9 evenings from approximately 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

ORN Sunday Morning Cleaners Every Sunday after a night of ORN plus on Jan 1 or 2 to tidy up the lobby, office, Ledingham room and kitchen to ensure the gym is ready for classes in the morning.  Can be a team of 2 people, 9 mornings total approximately 2 hours each time.

ORN Sponsorship Packages Helpers (Nov) Put together bags for sponsors and deliver them (Richmond, North Delta, South Delta, South Surrey and other)

ORN Mascot Participation Team of 2 to 4 people to share the "mascot" and "handler" jobs - participate at community events as Rudy to greet kids and raise awareness. Fun job with lots of love received!

ORN Promotion Helpers Help distribute posters around Delta and Richmond.  Also place highway signs in Ladner/Tsawwassen - set up in November and take down in January.

ORN New Year's Eve Helpers Set up and decorate the room for NYE; coordinate with caterer to bring in the food and leave everything ready for the night.

ORN Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Helpers (Jan - date TBD) Help coordinate the food for the appreciation dinner - coordinate with hotel and supermarket sponsor.  Help with Registration and gift distribution at event.  Hosting event.

Holiday Jingle Helpers (Wednesday Dec 19) Assist with set-up/take down, child supervision and welcome/ registration.

High School Invitational Assist with set-up/take down, timers and score recorders

Spring Fever Helpers (Mar 9 & 10) Helpers to work closely with SuperStar Coordinator to assist with set up and take down,announcing, timers, score recorders and welcome/registration.

Foam Pit Clean ups (Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day) Assist with clean-up of the three foam pits. Children can assist but hours only awarded to adults.

Medal Sewers Help with sewing medals for Spring Fever and Delta Invitational

Lost and Found Monthly display of items, washing and donating of unclaimed items.

Gym Special Projects Help with painting walls, chair washing, drywall repairs, equipment set up and other duties as planned

Delta Invitational Gift Helpers As required, help assembling the giveaways for Delta Invitational.

If you have any ideas on how you could help make the Delta Gymnastics Society a better place, or you have specific skills you would like to share with us, please let us know by email at: