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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our school programs are not running at this time.

DGS is actively involved in bringing our gymnastics program into schools, and schools into our gymnastics club! Whether you’re looking for an exciting option for your PE program or  physical literacy lessons for your staff and students – we’ve got it!

We don’t just teach gymnastics. We teach physical literacy. The building that houses DGS is called the Delta Sports Development Centre for a reason.  Our mandate isn’t just to teach gymnastics, it’s to teach physical literacy to people of any age – especially children.

A physically literate child can perform fundamental movement skills like climbing, running and jumping. They have fundamental sports skills like throwing, catching and kicking. These skills give them the confidence and competence to enjoy a range of sports and physical activities. They don’t just know how to move, they want to move.

Whether that means they participate in organized sports, outdoor recreation, artistic pursuits such as dance, or just enjoy the playground, children who associate physical skills with success and fun early in life, are more likely to be active teens and adults.

Why is gymnastics the best teaching tool?

Gymnastics is the best all-round sport for developing the ABCs of athleticism: agility, balance, coordination and speed. No other sport offers as much overall training in strength, power, flexibility, spatial awareness and focus.

On top of that, it’s fun! When students get a chance to explore gymnastics, they get to use their bodies in new ways, on equipment they don’t usually use. It adds variety to their PE program, and shows them another way to stay fit.

Who is this program for?

Schools and teachers who want more options for their physical education program, and/or who want to learn more about physical literacy and how to teach it.

Options for schools:

Teacher Training

Our certified coaches can teach individual teachers, your entire staff, or a group at a Pro-D Day event. We’ll cover the basics ofphysical literacy, and give you a set of tools you can use to teach fundamental movement skills through gymnastics without specialized equipment.

Details: Please contact our Community Program Coordinator for more information.

To learn more: Please contact our Community Program Coordinator to inquire about our availability, and to find out how we can custom-tailor a program for you.


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