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Seniors (50+)


Seniors 50+ Programs



You are never too old to start gymnastics! Join our group, 'The Delta Gymnastics Legends' in this fun, unique class. No matter your age, gymnastics offers incredible benefits and so does our class, such as:

  • Improve balance
  • Learn and practice safe falls
  • Build your body strength
  • Working at what you can do and not what you can't
  • Best of all, we have a ton of fun! 

Who is this class for? Ideal for our 50+ crowd. If you can drive yourself to class, then you can do the class!

Class Info: Thursdays, 1 hour, once a week

How do I register? You can register online, in person, or
by phone.


Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program

Seniors Can Move

Regular physical activity and exercise is important to the physical and mental health of our community including and especially older adults.  The “Seniors Can Move” program is an innovative proposal to introduce the use of a gymnastics facility, as both a place for children to teach movement education, and also as a viable community resource to re-acquaint seniors with the ABC’s of sport – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Strength.

Delta Gymnastics Society has partnered with Waterford and Wexford, two Bria Communities for Seniors, Augustine House and Kin Village Recreation Centre to participate in this program made possible through a federal grant.

Each senior community will receive 20 classes at our facility over the Spring and Fall 2018.