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Why Support us?

Gymnastics isn’t just for kids.  It’s a lifelong way to stay strong, flexible and have fun – just ask our gym full of adults who come out to learn gymnastics for the first time, practice old skills, or turn their acrobatic skills into tricks, stunts and parkour moves!

Whether you join a class because you never had a chance to try gymnastics as a kid, or because you want to get in shape, rest assured that the atmosphere during Adult Gym is warm and welcoming with lots of laughter and teamwork – no matter what your level. We are never too old to increase our physical literacy.

Delta Gymnastics Society prides itself on constantly striving to provide the best experience we can for our members. Fundraising is one of the ways we can invest in new equipment for our gymnastics programs which will benefit so many; from those who casually drop in, to the school teams that train here, and the field trips that play here. Our programs span age groups and deliver programs to everyone, from babies to seniors.

The biggest fundraising effort we’ve ever undertaken is also one of our proudest accomplishments and a mainstay of the community – it’s used for training by sports teams and gymnasts, meetings, competitive events and community celebrations. It’s the Delta Sport Development Centre, the facility in which DGS operates.

We raised money for 14 years to achieve that dream. And when the facility opened, our role expanded. Not only are we a gymnastics facility, we are a physical literacy teaching centre, with a mandate to teach the fundamental skills that are the basis of all sports and a life-long love of physical activity.

But don’t program fees pay for everything? Our program fees don’t cover costs such as upgrades to the facility, or the purchase of new equipment. Because we want to keep our classes affordable for all families, we fundraise – and rely heavily on the efforts of families and the community at large – instead of raising class fees.

We continue to be inspired by the generous support we have received from our member families and our community who share our vision of enriching the lives of all around us.

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